In an effort to keep our clients and our community informed we are releasing the below statement.

Governor Wolf’s $50 Million-Dollar Hazard Pay Grant Program

This program provides grants of up to $3 million dollars to businesses in the Healthcare, Transportation, Food, Security and Janitorial industries. The money received from this program is to be spent on hazard pay for full and part time employees earning less than $20. Each FTE Employee may receive up to $1200 with a company maximum of 500 FTEs per location. The proceeds from these grants are to be spent in the 10-week period from August 16th to October 24th, 2020, with each employee receiving a $3 per hour hazard pay increase.

Companies can apply at this link:

In order to apply, companies will be required to create a Keystone Login account, and then will have to select the Hazard Pay Grant Program. The application window for this program is relatively short, and will be closing on Friday, July 31st.

More information on eligible businesses and program guidelines can be found here: