In today’s environment, businesses are constantly approached by third parties to sell or to consider buying another business to help them grow.  Brokers typically “sell” the business owner into moving forward, even if the owner isn’t sure of how to proceed.  Unfortunately, like with most things, it is difficult to stop the train once it leaves the station without incurring a great deal of fees and potential damage to the business.

We at PBGW do not view mergers and acquisitions as an industry, but rather as one of many options to help business owners meet their long-term goals.  Our goal is to help you determine the right course of action for your business.  When appropriate, PBGW’s Financial Valuation Group can successfully facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses. Facilitation means bridging the communication gap to bring the players to the closing table. Preparation of information memoranda and finding the target acquirer or acquisition candidates is our forte.

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“Ever since I switched my accounting services to PGBW, I couldn’t be happier. Now I am confident that my books are perfect and the service provided by their team is outstanding. I highly recommend PBGW.”

Arsen U.

“We’ve been working with PBGW for a few years now and we have nothing but good things to say. They are organized, knowledgeable and treat us well. We never have to worry because we know they are on top of things. PBGW has guided us and helped us make educated business decisions. We are so happy with their services that I’ve passed their contact information to friends and family! Thank you Chelsea and PBGW.”

Nicki B., Co-Owner, Crossfit Powerhour

“The medical practice that I manage has used PBGW for over 40 years and finds PBGW to be honest, proactive and always looking out for our best interests. They have also helped my family. PBGW is fast to respond to any issues and I would highly recommend this firm for any accounting, tax and consulting needs.”

Jeanette Jefferson Practice Manager, Cautilli Orthopedics