The federal government shutdown…

The federal government shutdown does not mean that taxpayers don’t have to file returns and meet other filing deadlines, including payment due dates. It does mean, however, that refunds will be delayed. The IRS will continue to process tax returns that include remittances and maintain their revenue collection computer system. They will also continue to [...]

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A New Way of Comparing Financing Without Hurting Your Credit Score

Credit Karma has rolled out a new service that allows members to compare credit cards and loans without going through the three credit bureaus. As you may be aware, when one applies for credit, the lender will request information about the lender’s creditworthiness from the credit bureaus. This “hard inquiry” impacts your new credit portion [...]

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PBGW’s 4th Annual Halloween Bash

On October 25th PBGW hosted the Fourth Annual Halloween Bash. The Bash was a marvelous success with over forty booths and vendors from all over our community. Over 200 excited trick-or-treaters and their families from near and far joined us for the spooktacular event filled with candy and non-candy treats. We were all blown away [...]

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Have You Checked your 2018 Federal Tax Withholding?

By Ted Landis, CPA, CFP® A government report was recently issued estimating 30 million people (over 21% of taxpayers) will find they have had too little federal tax withheld and will owe money when they file their 2018 income tax returns.  As you may recall, the federal withholding tables were updated in March 2018 [...]

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Health Insurance Options

Are you a sole proprietor or small-business employer? Is your health insurance too expensive or completely unaffordable? Keep your eyes open for more information on new entities known as association health plans. The President signed an executive order last year and the Department of Labor issued its ruling. The changes may provide opportunities for lower-cost [...]

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July 2018 starts the penalty phase of new PA 1099-MISC rules

Earlier this year we announced the changes that the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue was making with Form 1099-MISC reporting through our newsletter and our website (see February blog post below).  This change applies to businesses operating in PA who pay non-employee compensation or business income to individuals or entities outside PA or to disregarded [...]

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Philadelphia Wage Tax

The Philadelphia wage tax rate changes each year on July 1st.  Every paycheck dated after June 30th must be taxed at the new wage tax rate.  The new reduced tax rate for Philadelphia residents is 3.8809%; non-residents subject to Philadelphia wage tax will now be taxed at the rate of 3.4567%.  Although a wage tax [...]

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2017 OSHA 300A Submission Due 7/1/18

Covered establishments should electronically submit their 2017 OSHA Form 300A information between now and July 1, 2018. Too see whether your organization is a covered organization, go to

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